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About LEX Productions
LEX Productions was founded by Alexandra Lexton in 1998.  The company develops and produces art house style films and documentaries, including those written by Ms. Lexton.   After graduating from Whitman College in the Pacific Northwest, Alex worked as an intern Production Assistant for the Department of Current Affairs at Seattle’s PBS station KCTS. Here she wrote copy for television, conducted interviews, and edited tape.     Alex’s first job in Los Angeles, assistant to three producers and a director of a television film, led to the next position of Assistant to the Director John Patterson (director of many Sopranos, Law and Order and numerous television films).     When Mr. Patterson got a contract at NBC for a series pilot, Alex became the Director of Development for his company, Enuff, Inc.     From there she moved into a job at RKO Pictures where she functioned as a Production Executive. Her rewrite of the screenplay Digger resulted in Olympia Dukakis’s involvement and the final financing for the film. The film also starred Leslie Nielsen and Joshua Jackson.  As the Co-Producer, she assumed a mostly creative role involving casting, rewrites, and overseeing the production from pre-production through post.     As Production Executive on her next film, Red Scorpion 2, Alex had some first-time opportunities, when she acted as a camera operator and directed one of the film’s scenes.   When Red Scorpion wrapped, Alex worked for Polygram Filmed Entertainment as a Marketing Associate.   During a break from Hollywood, Alex presented a course on film production at the International Academy of Broadcasting in Montreux, Switzerland.   Back in Los Angeles, Alex served as Director of Development at Fries Entertainment, overseeing projects through all phases of development and production.  This involved optioning, meeting with networks, writers, directors, and writing treatments.   Since 1998, Alex has been shadowing her two sons, as well as writing, speaking engagements, completing a masters in creative writing, teaching creative writing in Belize, and pursuing opportunities for LEX Productions.
The Invisible Potoo
Jesus of Kenilworth
The Shallow End
By Alexandra Lexton Logline:  A young girl begins her life in the occasionally hazardous Sixties in Northern California. Her eventual search for her father, who is living as an expat in Northern Portugal, results in a voyage of self-discovery during which she unearths the mysteries of the past and reconciles with her father, to cement her future. Genre: Drama
By Alexandra Lexton Logline: A young woman, while searching for some meaning to her life, discovers she might be an accomplice to a kidnapping.  She convinces her bisexual friend to join her, on a Baja California odyssey, in pursuit of love and the kidnappers. Genre:  Adventure/Comedy Option Available
By Alexandra Lexton Logline: Three families become irrevocably intertwined in an incestuous drama, as they wander through their seemingly mundane suburban lives. Genre: Comedy/Drama
The Invisible Potoo
By Alexandra Lexton Logline: A woman leaves her family to travel to a foreign place where she will teach creative writing to teachers. She’s left behind her children and separated from her husband to venture into this internal and external voyage; a literal and emotional jungle of change, challenge and possibility. Genre: Drama/Adventure Option Available
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